Sukumar Ray

Late Sukumar Ray (30 October, 1887 - 10 September, 1923)

Late Sukumar Ray was a legendary Bengali poet, story writer and playwright. As, arguably, the most famous Indian practitioner of Literary Nonsense, he is often compared to Lewis Carrol. His works, such as “AbolTabol”, “Ho Jo Bo Ro Lo”, and “PaglaDashu” are considered to be masterpieces of Literary Nonsense, equal in stature to “Alice in Wonderland”, and regarded as treasures of Bengali Literature. Even after over more than 90 years after his demise, Ray still continues to remain as one of the most popular authors for children, both in West Bengal as well as in Bangladesh.

Abol Tabol

“Abol Tabol” (Bengali: আবোল তাবোল;); literally "The Weird and the Absurd") is a Collection of Bengali Children's Poems and Rhymes composed by Sukumar Ray, first Published on 19 September 1923 by U. Ray and Sons Publishers. It consists of 46 Titled and Seven Untitled short Rhymes (Quatrains), all considered to be in the Genre of Literary Nonsense.

About The Author

Although Kaushik is a Software Developer by Profession, his Interest in Literary Nonsense was Aroused quite Early when he was Exposed to the incredible Genius of the legendary Late Sukumar Ray in Childhood.
“Essence of Nonsense”, is his personal Tribute to the Brilliance of Late Sukumar Ray.

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